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UNO Bioinformatics

Graduate Degrees in Bioinformatics at UNO

There are two tracks that are available at UNO for students interested in Masters or Ph.D. degrees involving bioinformatics.

The first one, through the College of Information Science & Technology (IS&T), offers an innovative program for both Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Information Technology in which students can choose to focus on bioinformatics.

Masters programs with an emphasis in bioinformatics are offered in both the fields of Computer Science and Management Information Systems. For more information on a Masters in Computer Science, go to For the Management Information Systems’ Masters program, visit .

The Ph.D. degree combines computer science with information systems for a Ph.D in Information Technology, in which a focus on bioiInformatics can be chosen. To learn more about the College of IS&T’s Ph.D. program, go to

The second track, offered through the Department of Pathology and Microbiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in conjunction with the College of IS&T at UNO, awards both Masters and Ph.D degrees in bioinformatics. For more information on this program please contact Connie Jones by e-mail or at (402) 554-3889.