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The Synergy Project

Experience the best that UNO has to offer! The Synergy Project encourages professors to link readings, projects, and lectures together to allow students the opportunity to discover the connections between different disciplines. The classes link two (or more) courses together to form a "block" of courses with the same students. The benefits abound:

  • Get to know your classmates better than in "stand-alone" courses.
  • Study dynamic subjects with some of UNO's best, most motivated teachers.
  • Work on assignments that encourage individual thought.
  • Many assignments count for more than one class!
  • Linked classes often run back-to-back, which can be handy in making your schedule.

Synergy classes are usually links between just two classes, but there are professors who enjoy designing larger combinations. During the 2006-2007 school year, one Synergy Project class focused on a theme of understanding the development and nature of human consciousness by connecting World Civilizations I, Intro to World Religions, and Composition for the fall semester. For the spring semester they linked World Civilizations II, Intro to Philosophy, and World Literature. In the summer the professors took the class on a historical/philosophical/literary tour of Europe (for International Studies credit)! Talk about a year of college worth taking!

Offerings vary by semester, so check out the "Current Classes" link. Talk with your advisor before enrolling to make sure these classes fit your needs.