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The Synergy Project

The Synergy Project began when a history professor and an English professor saw that their classes would benefit from being linked together. The history professor saw great improvement in the quality of the papers being turned in, and the English professor saw that the students came to class with a shared body of content knowledge which he could channel into writing assignments. The experiment was so successful, they collaborated again, expanding the idea to include the study of history, religion, philosophy, and literature in a class called "Research in the Synergy of Thought and Spirit." This connection was so successful, they took the majority of the class to Europe for three weeks as part of a summer International Studies class. It was the teaching and learning experience of a lifetime! The course was so loved by the students, they called for more Synergy classes!

The Synergy Project is looking for motivated and dedicated teachers to create Synergy classes of their own. All linked classes are different--here are a few possible benefits:

  • These classes tend to attract the best and brightest students.
  • Faculty re-energize their classes by teaching their subjects in new and interesting ways.
  • Faculty teach with other dedicated professors.
  • Interdisciplinary study is highly encouraged in the modern university setting and is a marketable attribute.
  • Monetary grants are available to encourage the development of these courses.

Would you like to improve the quality and length of the papers your student turn in? Consider linking your class with a composition class. Is your composition class better when you have a "class theme" to write about? Consider linking your class with a history, political science, economics, psychology, philosophy, computer science, mathematics, or physics class. Have you ever seen the connections between literature and visual art? Or creative writing and architecture? Do you know any colleagues from other departments that you've always wanted to work with? It's time to have a conversation about making that happen. Matthew Marx, the coordinator of The Synergy Project, has experience and advice for creating such classes. Feel free to contact him to discuss the logistics of creating a Synergy class of your own. Click on the "Contact" button above.

Teach the class of a lifetime! Explore the benefits of interdisciplinary teaching by creating a Synergy class of your own!