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Metro Bus

According to the EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook (2005), about 28% of energy consumed in this country is used in transportation. Meeting the parking and access demands of our campus has led to a combination of expanded on-campus parking, overflow parking remote to campus locations, and use of shuttle buses to transport people between them. Student Government Initiative Makes Bus Passes Available to 800 Students in Fall 2012 Semester Find out more information here.

What have we done?

    • The MavRide program was extended to the Fall 2012 Semester, and expanded to make bus passes available to 600 students. Find out more information here.
    • The MavRide program, a Student Government Initiative, made bus passes available to 400 students for the Spring 2011 Semester. To learn how successful this program was in its first semester, click here.
    • Shuttle buses have been provided to commute people between and across campus locations and overflow parking. This service has greatly reduced waiting time (often with cars running) for parking spaces.
    • The GreenUNO Task Force recently formed a transit committee to examine alternatives to single occupant vehicle travel to, from and around campus
    • Landscape Services has recently purchased vehicles more appropriately sized for campus. This allows them better campus access, while reducing the size of vehicles used to that appropriate for the task.
    • UNO's Master Plan, being redeveloped as part of a regular schedule, is being revised to include bike and pedestrian routes beyond what are available today.

What can we do?

    • Find carpool solutions (such as those at Metro Rideshare).
    • Combine Trips
    • When replacing vehicles, consider purchasing a hybrid or other highly efficient vehicle.
    • Use public transportation when possible.
    • Teleconference where possible, instead of traveling by vehicle. A one hour meeting in Lincoln usually requires three hours (best case) when commuting from UNO.

More information:

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Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) - UNO is a member

Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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