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Technology is central to our lives, and thus to sustainability. It affects all aspects of living—social, economic, and environmental. As stewards of our environment and caretakers of this institution of higher education, it is incumbent upon us to use energy and technology wisely, and to teach the university community to do the same.

What have we done?

    • Information Services (IS) has begun to virtualize servers. Virtualization allows the number of physical servers dramatically reduced for large power savings.
    • IS has a hardware recycling program that has been in existence for two years.
    • IS attempts to purchase green, and has a created "Power Saving Guidelines" that helps minimize the energy output from computers. See the batch files below for instructions.
    • IS just created a series of Green Techonology Guidelines. These guidelines, which are endorsed by the Chancellor, reduces energy consumption, cuts down on costs and helps UNO become more sustainable. Please follow these guidelines and help ITS and UNO in their goals. A link is below.

What can we do?

    • Follow the IS Green Guidelines;
    • Turn off computers, monitors, printers, copiers, projectors, scanners, etc. at the end of the day, weekends, and holidays;
    • Set up your computer and laptop to use the power management settings;
    • Print and copy items only when necessary and print/copy in full duplex mode (double sided) when available;
    • When purchasing new equipment buy ENERGY STAR compliant technology. Process old electronic equipment through Surplus Property.

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