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Green UNO Task Force on Sustainability


The purpose of the Green UNO Task Force on Sustainability is to promote sustainability and sustainable development at UNO. Key to this purpose is the objective to assist the campus in using less energy and resources and to conserve energy and resources used. All of this must include a realistic consideration of possible financial savings as part of a cost-benefit analysis.

Our Definition of Sustainability

“Sustainability” as used by this Task Force is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We presume the planet’s resources are finite and should be used conservatively, wisely and equitably. Decisions regarding sustainability simultaneously support economic vitality, ecological integrity and social welfare.

Goals and Responsibilites

The Task Force is charged with advising UNO administration on specific recommendations and actions pertaining to sustainability as they directly relate to UNO.

The mission of the Task Force shall be composed of three central goals:
• To identify sustainability opportunities and to develop a recommended action plan for each;
• To integrate sustainability with campus operations, education and outreach, wherever and whenever prudence dictates;
• To engage the campus in an ongoing dialogue about sustainability;

The Task Force shall choose projects and subcommittees related to these three goals, as appropriate.