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Student Initiatives

The Environmental Club at UNO (ECUNO)

ECUNO used to be Students in Environmental Studies. Around 2007, the name was changed to the Environmental Club of UNO, and welcomed new members that were not in the Environmental Studies Program but cared about our planet nevertheless. Since then, the club has hosted many events, and created a Speaker and Movie Series. These events have continued into 2010 and are open to anyone who has an interest in environment and sustainability issues.
As information becomes available, the events will be posted on the site calendar. We also invite you to check out the ECUNO Site for more information about the club, their meetings and their goals.

Other Initiatives

Other clubs and student groups on campus have been exploring sustainability issues. Chelsea Taxman, in conjunction with the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (p2ric) and ECUNO arranged a Teach-In called “Focus the Nation” for the second year in 2010.

GreenUNO applauds the many student leaders on campus, and always wants to hear what students are working on. If you have any information to add to our site, please comment here.