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“I ask the entire UNO community to support and participate in our expanded, ‘single-stream’ recycling program. By making a few minor changes to our daily routine and behavior, we can all make a big difference on the environment.”
- Chancellor John Christensen.

In the fall of 2008, UNO implemented a single-stream recycling program.  A single – stream program allows all recyclable products to be placed in one disposable bin. Since is no sorting required by the user, the program extremely user friendly.

Still in its infancy, the program has already seen results. As of January 30, 2010, UNO had already recycled 195.44 tons. Besides keeping the campus a cleaner place and cutting down on the waste filling our roadways and landfills, it has helped the University’s pocket book as well – saving UNO over $4,637.79 in tipping fees alone. (Tipping fees are fees paid to dump waste in a landfill).

Below is a summary of recycled materials to date.

Recycling Graph Full Recycling Summary

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