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Guidelines for Green Purchasing at UNO

Green Purchasing

UNO is committed to the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible materials and products. Departments are strongly encouraged to support this effort by following the guidelines and suggestions contained on this green purchasing page.

When Purchasing

Consider the following:
    1. Materials
    2. Packaging
    3. Energy Efficiency
    4. Waste Reduction
    5. Supplier's Environmental Record

List of Green Attributes and Qualities

- Durable, as opposed to single use or disposable items.
- Made of recycled materials, maximizing post consumer content.
- Non-toxic or minimally toxic, biodegradable whenever possible.
- High energy efficient in production and use.
- Can be recycled, but if not recyclable, may be disposed of safely.
- Made from raw materials obtained in an environmentally sound, sustainable manner.
- Purchase used/recycled materials when quality and cost are comparable.
- Manufactured in an environmentally sound, sustainable manner by companies with good environmental track records.
- Cause minimal or no environmental damage during normal use or maintenance.
- Shipped with minimal packaging (consistent with the care of the product), preferably made of recycled and/or recyclable materials.
- Produced locally or regionally (to minimize the environmental costs associated with shipping).

Guidelines For...

Paper and Supplies
- Recycle and buy paper with at least 30% recycled content.
- Share information electronically.
- Print on both sides of the page.
Computers and Electronics
- Recycle and buy recycled ink and toner.
- Share information electronically.
- Recycle any old electronics or parts.
- Green Tip: Do not use screensavers; the monitor should be set to automatically shut off after a short time if unused.
- Green Tip: Shut down computers, copiers, printers, and other office equipment at night.
General Products and Services
- Require information in bids about amounts of recycled content in products.
- Purchase Energy Star appliances and water-saving appliances if possible.
- Avoid purchasing polystrene foam products (styrofoam).
Energy Star
- Energy Star is a program that recognizes energy-efficient equipment that utlizes 20% less electricity then standard appliances.
- Purchase Energy Star appliances and water-saving appliances if possible.
- Energy Star Products

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