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UNO Earth Day


On Thursday, April 22, UNO hosted it's own Earth Day Celebration in the Pep Bowl. 20 different sustainability leaders from around town displayed their work and discussed how they were making a difference in the community and how students and staff could get involved too. Christine Bywater of OPPD's Sustainable Energy Division spoke at Earth Day, and her address was followed by a performance by the band Skypiper. Also present was a biodiesel fueled rickshaw that is currently on display at the Criss Library through May 2. Check out our lovely pictures here. Thanks to all who made this event a wonderful success!

Earth Day

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UNO Earth Day Worm Celebration


On Thursday, April 22, Sustainability Coordinator Patrick Wheeler presented the UNO Childcare center with its very own worm composter. Kelly Smith of Black Sheep Farms was present, and gave a vermiposting (composting with worms) presentation to UNO's most precious students. The composter is compact, odor free, and can produce three pounds of soil a week! Pictures can be found here.

Earth Day

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ITS Releases Green Guidelines


ITS is proud to announce that they have just released a document that specifies new "green" technology polices at UNO. They do this with the full support of the UNO community. "I ask the entire UNO community to support energy reduction of our campus computers and equipment," said Chancellor John Christensen. "Simple one-time adjustments to energy settings and adopting a few minor changes in our daily routine and behavior can help our campus make a significant difference in our total energy use and impact on the environment." To read the new guidelines, click here.

Green Guidelines

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Recycling Continues On Campus


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GreenUNO Facebook Group


Student, faculty and staff efforts to recycle on campus continue to work. As of November, UNO has recycled more than 371,900 pounds of materials since the program kicked off last year. Blue containers are located across campus and in offices to collect a wide variety of materials: All types of paper products (office paper, envelopes, copy paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogs and phone books); All types of cardboards; Water bottles and pop cans with plastic lids; All types of plastic; and Metal containers. Trash should be discarded in the black containers on campus. Trash includes all food, liquids, Styrofoam, tissues, paper towels, construction materials, plastic bags and glass.

Recycling Summary

A GreenUNO Facebook Group was created to promote sustainability events on campus. Not on Facebook? A mailing list has been created to notify interested parties in green events taking place at UNO and in the Metro area. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.


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New Campus Wide "Share A Bike" Program Launched Today


Several brightly painted bicycles arrived on campus Sept. 8, as part of the new Bike Share program for UNO. Boys Town donated a total of eight bikes, one of which is a tandem, to UNO. The bikes can be ridden anywhere on campus and dropped off at a bike rack for use by other riders. Dr. Corbin (pictured), a professor at HYPER, said the program is an effort to encourage physical activity, to protect the environment and to provide an easier way to get around campus.
-Tim Fitzgerald


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New Sustainability Graphic Announced


The VCBF's Task Force on Sustainability has announced a new Sustainability graphic, selected from several ideas submitted to the committee by community members. The winning graphic (pictured below) was desiged by Andy Taylor of Telecommunications. It will be appearing every Wednesday in enotes, along with a "Green Tip" for the week.


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Annual Trek to Campus Day


The third annual "Trek to Campus Day" planned by the Organization and Administration of Physical Education class at UNO is scheduled for Thursday, April 16th.
All students, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to find an alternative method of transportation to campus on Thursday, April 16th. If you would like to mingle with other “trekkers” just prior to your arrival on campus, we will be meeting in Elmwood Park between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. where free refreshments will be provided.
In order to help us track participation, we would like people to “register” (no cost) by sending an e-mail to:


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GreenUNO Mailing List


A mailing list has just been created to notify interested parties in green events taking place at UNO and in the Metro area. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please enter your email in the box to the right.

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Recycling Summary


UNO has released a recycling summary for this year to date. To see the Summary of recycled materials, please go to the recycling page.


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