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Sustainability should be a priority consideration in the design of any landscape. Sustainable landscapes typically require minimal amounts of water, fertilizers, pesticides, labor, and building materials. Creating a sustainable landscape means working toward a thoughtful balance between resources used—during both construction and maintenance—and results gained.”         --VanDerZanden, Rodie & Nelson, 2006

Sustainable landscape allows us to demonstrate good ecological practices while substantially improving our quality of life. Our image is impacted by the way we appear to our stakeholders. By demonstrating sustainable living in our outdoor environment, we show our students, perspective students, neighbors, alumni, faculty and staff that we understand our responsibilities as caretakers of this land and will help them to learn to do the same.

What have we done?

    • Fescue and Buffalo Grass have replaced Bluegrass as the turfgrass of choice.
    • Ornamental grasses, rockscapes and perennial plantings have replaced turfgrass in many places on our campus locations.
    • Corn-derived deicer has replaced salt for use on circulation roads in winter.
    • Tree branches and yard waste are collected and delivered to Terry Hughes Tree Service, mulched, then returned to UNO for landscape use.
    • New construction projects include landscape plans designed to best serve the areas affected, and are given consideration for aesthetics, impact on buildings, maintenance, storm water run-off, costs and other considerations.
    • UNO is seeking to become a member of Tree Campus USA, an organization dedicated to helping campuses with tree management.
    • Every year UNO celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees.

What can we do?

    • Continue to use low maintenance plants where practical, both on campus and at home.
    • Incorporate sustainable landscape into the University Master Plan.
    • Utilize sustainable planting and design (in conjunction with student landscape design classes).
    • Install rain sensors on existing irrigation systems where practical.

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