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The UNO Sustainability Committee is the re-organized UNO Green Task Force that was orignianlly created in fall 2008, that strives for sustainability on the UNO campus. Sustainability is simply living in such a way that future generations can do the same. This means we must practice stewardship of our resources so that we, and those that follow after us, may continue to enjoy good health, prosperity and a healthy planet. UNO is dedicated to exploring ways of introducing sustainability to our campus.

Sustanability Committee Members

Angie Eikenberry, Associate Professor, School of Public Administration

John Amend, Asst V/C and Director of Facilities Management and Planning

Patrick Wheeler, Senior Chemical and Radiation Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety

Tim Hemsath or James Taylor, Center for Urban Sustainability or

Olivia Whittaker, Student Government Sustainability Committee Chair

Marcia Adler, Director, Health Services

Emily Poeschl, Associate Director of Marketing, University Communications

Raechel Meyer, Graphic Designer, Student Affairs

Jessie Combs, Senior Accountant, Controller

Ethan Anderson, Operations Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

Jonna Holland, Associate Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration

Mary Ferdig, President and CEO, Sustainability Leadership Institute

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