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Submission Guidelines


All manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal are peer reviewed in a double blind review process. Each manuscript should include a separate author page at the beginning of the document and should be submitted electroncially as an e-mail attachement to the Editor at the following address:


Because the nature of this journal focuses on innovation, no specific page limitations have been set; however, documents must be written with clarity and efficiency in mind. All documents should be submitted in Word 2003, Word 2007, RTF, or other similar digital formats. Graphics should be embedded within the manuscript if possible. Text citations and references should follow current APA guidelines. The format of manuscripts should adhere to the following outline:

AUTHOR PAGE: (Note, this page will be removed before the manuscript is forwarded for editorial review. Please make every effort to avoid references that may identify the author or affiliation within the manuscript.)

  • Article Title
  • Author(s) name and affiliation
  • Physical mailing address (1st author only)
  • e-mail address (1st author only)
  • Author Biography (150 word limit)

MANUSCRIPT OUTLINE AND FORMAT: (Times New Roman or similar font please. For additional help, go to the example for authors page. We encourage these specific guidelines as a way to provide some sense of uniformity to our readers and contributors, but we do not wish to exclude potentially innovative ideas based on these formatting ideals. If it is not possible for your manuscript to fit within these guidelines, please contact the editor. We would still like to help you share your ideas!)

  • MARGINS: (1 inch uniform top, bottom, left, and right)
  • TITLE: (all uppercase text, 16 point boldface, centered, follow by 1 blank 10 point line)
  • BY-LINE: (Author names and affiliation, centered, 12 point, separate multiple authors by 1 blank 10 point line, follow By-line by 2 blank 10 point lines)
  • ABSTRACT: (10 point italic, single spaced, centered, indented 1.5 inches from margins, follow abstract by 3 blank 10 point lines)
  • SECTION HEADINGS: (14 point bold, left justified, followed by 1 blank 10 point line)
  • SECONDARY HEADINGS: (12 point italic, left justified, followed immediately by text... no space)
  • TERTIARY HEADINGS: (10 point bold, indented 1.5 inches, followed immediately by text... no space)
  • TEXT: (10 point, indent new paragraphs)
  • SPACING: (Text should be single spaced throughout the manuscript, leave 2 blank 10 point lines between Sections, 1 blank 10 point line before secondary headings, no spacing between standard paragraphs)
  • FORMULAS AND EQUATIONS: (Embed symbols, formulas, and equations using Microsoft Equation Editor)
  • REFERENCES: (10 point, Follow APA Guidelines)
  • BIOGRAPHY: (10 point italic, boldface the author's name, NOTE: The Biography should only be included on the AUTHOR PAGE)


Authors will maintain original copyright of all intellectual property submitted for publication to this forum. Manuscripts accepted for publication will need to be acknowledged by the 1st Author with an e-mail originating from the 1st Author's primary e-mail account granting permission to publish the document electronically in The Journal of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for Classroom Teachers. This "permission" will need to be granted prior to publication. Furthermore, any copyright violation by a third party is not the responsibility or fault of any members of the journal staff, the Editorial Review Board, or the University of Nebraska at Omaha.