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Office of STEM Education Student Assistants

The Premise: To create an avenue for UNO students who have a passion to share their understanding of STEM related content areas with fellow students, faculty and the community through service, teaching and research activities.

The Requirements:   Applicants and active assistants must be in good academic standing both in their overall course work and in their STEM related classes. 

An interview conducted by a three member committee consisting of the faculty from the Office of STEM Education will follow the submission of the application and the letters of recommendation. The committee will then make the final decision on the application.

Expectations of the Student Assistants:  It is the expectation of the faculty of the Office of STEM Education that all student assistants enthusiastically be engaged in teaching or mentoring activities, service work on campus or in the K – 12 community and develop a research agenda with the focus being on a local or national presentation.  These expectations are based on the student’s ability to also maintain a solid overall academic ranking.

Current student assistants are Will Taylor and Brenna Wragge.

Please address all questions and applications to Dr. William Austin at

How to Apply:   All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation one of which must be from a UNO faculty member of a STEM related course along with the application form.

Student STEM Application Form

First Name:   Last Name:

NUID#:   Email:

STEM Concentration:   

Current Academic Ranking:

Current Overall Grade Point Average:

Name 1:

Name 2:

Name 3:

Possible Research Area: