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Roskens 402

The UNO STEM room will impact a generation of young people – some not yet born – by influencing the long-term strategies of STEM teachers. By providing teachers, students and community members with a model environment to teach and learn STEM knowledge, skills and concepts, this facility will provide the UNO College of Education with the opportunity to have a significant and lasting influence on STEM education for our community, region, and the world.

The room is to be a place where STEM is done, not just talked about. It looks more like room in a STEM industry than a classroom. The design of the facility, as well as the technology and exhibits within the facility, features hands-on equipment, real-time data feeds, demonstration materials, as well as be a model of energy efficiency investigation. The items include:

  • A state-of-the-art science laboratory
  • An innovative hands-on mathematics learning facility
  • Several display monitors to be used for science labs, mathematical simulations, data displays, and NASA connections
  • Multiple interactive whiteboards to model active STEM learning and teaching
  • Display devices in the classroom that provide real-time energy consumption feedback and showcase exhibits related to energy, such as a “light source exhibit” displaying energy consumption between different types of light sources
  • A shelf of ready to use energy activities such as solar balloons, electronic snap kits, battery testers, and a range of ready-to-use classroom hands on learning kits
  • Robots to be used for STEM learning activities

STEM Classroom