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Services for Students

As a UNO student you will be giving oral presentations from your first semester. Many students do not know that the Speech Center offers customized, personalized, support to help you create, improve, practice, and enhance your presentations and overall skill as a speaker.

Whether you are new to writing and presenting effective speeches or are an experienced public speaker, the consultants in the Speech Center offer resources that can help you to achieve greater success.

Consult with the Speech Center staff on organizing materials, meeting assignment goals, using appropriate visual aids, and catering to the needs of your audience and instructor.


The Speech Consulting Room provides consulting and coaching services for UNO students who are not currently enrolled in a public speaking course, but are in need of assistance in planning and preparing an oral presentation in another class.

Our Services Include…
Consulting and coaching related to speech and/or presentation preparation, outlining and effective delivery techniques for any UNO student across all disciplines.

We help students with:

  • Speech Organization
  • Supporting Evidence
  • Ceremonial Speaking
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Group or Panel Presentations
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Audience Connection
  • Gaining Attention
  • Memorable Conclusions
  • Descriptive Language
  • Expression
  • Movement & Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Visual Aids
  • Meeting Assignment Goals
  • Audience Adaptation


Please contact the Speech Consulting Room at 554-3201. Appointments must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance of the practice session and/or scheduled consultation date, allowing us to ensure adequate facilitation and instruction.

Scheduling in advance permits clients to practice and prepare for the appointment. Individuals are encouraged to schedule appointments at least one week prior to the presentation date. This additional preparation time allows the individual to make necessary adjustments to improve a speech and practice it before the scheduled day of the presentation.

Practice sessions may be reserved a week or more in advance by calling the Speech Consulting Room.


  • Arrive promptly for the appointment time
  • Bring notes or outline to the appointment
  • Bring a DVD or VHS tape for taping purposes


Open Lab for Speech 1110 Students

The Basic Course Room helps all students enrolled in the Public Speaking Fundamentals course by providing expert assistance from speech instructors.

We Assist Students With…

  • Generating and developing speech ideas
  • Adapting to audience
  • Researching supporting material and evidence
  • Writing speech outlines
  • Delivering speeches effectively
  • Viewing model speeches
  • Using speech-writing software on any one of the 18 computers
  • Viewing and the self-evaluation of personal speeches (these speeches are recorded in-class and then reviewed on the Center’s VCR/DVD playback equipment).

No Appointment Needed…

This is an open lab available for Public Speaking Fundamentals 1110 course related preparation (i.e. research, outlining, speech evaluations, etc.) during the posted hours, an appointment is not necessary. All students enrolled in Public Speaking 1110 will be referred to the Basic Course Room for assistance.