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UNO School Communication unveils its new resource - The Speech Center

Need help with a presentation? Want to fine-tune your speaking skills? Look to your newest resource… The UNO Speech Center

The UNO School of Communication is pleased to announce its newest resource, the Speech Consulting Room of the UNO Speech Center. The Speech Center Basic Course Room has been open for over 10 years to support students enrolled in the Public Speaking Fundamentals course. The new Speech Consulting Room addition to the Speech Center provides further assistance in presentational development to all students, faculty and staff, across any discipline.

The Speech Consulting Room (ASH 185) offers consulting and coaching services for UNO students, graduate students, faculty, and staff from all majors in an effort to support effective presentational skills, the UNO oral communication general education requirement, and UNO’s “Speaking Across the Curriculum” program.

Faculty Services Include…

  • In-class presentations on creating effective oral presentations including PowerPoint, or other presentational software, reducing speech anxiety, etc.
  • Student consulting based on the faculty-provided assignment
  • Faculty consultations and workshops on assessing student’s oral presentations
  • Speech evaluation forms for faculty and students
  • Documentation of student consulting
  • In-class presentations on the services of the Speech Center
  • Coaching and consulting on effective public speaking for conferences, instruction, media interviews, etc.

The Basic Course Room (ASH 183) helps all students enrolled in the Public Speaking Fundamentals course by providing expert assistance from speech instructors.

Student Services Include…

  • Generating and developing speech ideas
  • Adapting to audience
  • Researching supporting material and evidence
  • Writing speech outlines
  • Delivering speeches effectively
  • Viewing model speeches
  • Using speech-writing software on any one of the 18 computers
  • Viewing and self-evaluation of speeches recorded in-class and reviewed on the Center’s DVD playback equipment.

Both centers are open daily and staffed by Speech instructors. The Basic Course Room is an open lab available to current Speech 1110 students, semester hours are posted outside of ASH 183, an appointment is not necessary . The Speech Consulting Room is available to all students, faculty, and staff. Sessions are by appointment only and can be made in ASH 185 or by calling 554-3201.