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Services for Faculty

Faculty and staff can come to the Speech Consulting Room (ASH 185) for consulting and coaching services to help improve their own presentations or to help their students. We provide a variety of services for faculty and staff. Please see the list below for the services we provide. If you have special needs not included in the list, please contact the Speech Consulting Room at 554-3201.


Services for faculty include:

  • Coaching on effective public speaking for conferences and other professional venues.
  • Consulting on how to improve classroom instructional communication techniques with DVD recording of instruction and feedback.
  • Faculty workshops on improving instructor evaluations, giving supportive and prescriptive feedback to students, etc.
  • Assistance in preparing for media interviews.


To foster oral communication excellence at every level and a Speaking Across the Curriculum effort, the Speech Consulting Room supports instructors who desire to incorporate oral presentations into their course requirements.

Services for faculty and their classes include:

  • In-class orientation by a Speech Center consultant. The consultant can visit your class and will provide a twenty minute orientation on the services in the Speech Center.
  • In-class workshops on creating effective oral presentations, using PowerPoint or other presentational software, reducing speech anxiety, and/or Speech Center services.
  • Student coaching and consulting based on the faculty-provided assignment. You can refer students to the Speech Center for assistance with an oral communication class assignment. You can encourage or require students to visit the Consulting Room.
  • Faculty consultations and workshops on assessing students’ oral presentations.
  • Download a short Introduction to the Speech Center to copy into your syllabus to encourage students to use the Speech Center.
  • Speech evaluation forms for faculty.
  • Student handouts on effective public speaking criteria.
  • Documentation of student consultations.
  • In-class DVD recording and initial feedback for students’ presentational development.
  • Student referrals to Speech Center workshops. These workshops are focused on planning presentations, overcoming speech anxiety, effective delivery stills, among others.

Complete the Speech Center Faculty Request and Referral Form. Using the form will enable a consultant to assist you and your class in the best way possible. You may download the form and email or send it to the Speech Consulting Room (ASH 185). By filling out the form and attaching your assignment, the speech consultants can fully understand your objectives and thus do the best job at helping your students.


  • Assist in the creation of DVD speech portfolios as part of the UNO oral communication general education assessment requirement.