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financing your graduate degree.

The Value of an MPA

The value of an MPA degree is high. The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) states that graduate education is expected to continue to give persons working or seeking careers in the public and nonprofit sectors a competitive edge. Not only are opportunities greater, but salaries can be higher. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, in 1998, the mean annual income of individuals holding a Master's was approximately $51,000--$9, 108 higher than with a bachelor's degree. When looking at a 35-year career, this can translate into an additional $318,000 in earning power.

School of Public Administration Students

Most UNO SPA students work full-time in public and nonprofit organizations. Almost all program classes are held in the evening, one night per week. Since each class is 3 credits, students who apply for financial aid will enroll in two classes per semester. That way, by taking two classes (6 credit hours) they qualify for financial aid. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 4 credit hours per semester to qualify for financial aid.

Graduate assistantships are available to students. Please see below under Financial Resources.

Degree Length

The typical number of part-time equivalent months of study needed to complete the degree requirements for students is 39 months. This includes three calendar years or three academic years (fall and spring) and one semester or one summer.

The typical number of full-time equivalent months of study needed to complete the degree requirements for students is 27 months. This includes two calendar or two academic years (fall and spring) and one semester or one summer.

What are the costs of tuition and fees?

Current tuition rates and fees are available on the UNO Student Account website at

A variety of financial resources are available to students through UNO's Graduate Studies Office and HUD Community Work Study Program.

  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships administers the federal financial aid programs for our campus, coordinates grants and scholarships with state agencies, and awards a number of need-based endowed scholarships. The staff is available to assist you with questions or provide information on a walk-in or call-in basis during each weekday. Appointments may also be scheduled with a financial aid counselor.
  • HUD Community Development Work Study offers work stipends, tuition support, and other assistance to attract economically disadvantaged and minority graduate students to careers in community and economic development.
  • The Graduate Assistantship is intended as an award to students who have demonstrated high academic performance and potential either at the graduate or undergraduate level. Graduate Assistants must be students in good standing in a degree or certificate program in the Graduate College.
  • Each year the Regents of the University of Nebraska make available funds, in the form of the Advantage Scholarship. Funds are limited and will be used to recruit highly qualified students.
  • Students may be qualified for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.