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School of Social Work
School of Social Work

2013-14 scholarship application and application process.

General Information and General Criteria

Deadline.  The deadline for submitting all scholarship applications is Friday, October 4.

  • You must be enrolled in the School of Social Work BSSW or MSW program. Some scholarships specify a required minimum number of hours of enrollment.
  • Due to the limited number of graduate assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships that are available through the School of Social Work, no student will be selected to receive more than one of any of these opportunities. This limitation also applies to Social Work students who hold graduate assistantships in other UNO units.
  • Scholarships are awarded for one academic year and are distributed automatically by the University to apply to tuition and fees, in at least two installments (one per academic semester).
  • Scholarship recipients are expected to make satisfactory scholastic progress while receiving the award. Some scholarships specify a required GPA to maintain (see specific criteria below).

Application for Scholarships


  • All application letters and supporting materials must be submitted on-line.
  • You may apply for more than one scholarship but you should submit:
    • One on-line application (below)
    • One resume
    • One descriptive application letter.  This means just one application letter no matter how many scholarships you are applying for. Your one letter should include the following:
      • Description of how you meet the specific criteria for the scholarship(s) for which you are
        applying, (if applying for more than one scholarship, include a brief sentence for each). For specific criteria visit the Scholarships page.
      • Description of current workload (school and employment).
      • Description of community activities, volunteer work (current and past), other projects that benefit
        others (local, national, international).
      • Description of your specific area(s) of interest and goals as a social worker currently and after
      • Any other information that distinguishes you.