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Alumni Success Stories

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State Senator Gwen Howard
Rusty Gunter
Martin Steele
Scot Adams
Mark Giesler
Beatriz Gonzalez
Erin Porterfield

Alumni Success Stories

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On Any Given Day, Social Workers Help

Learn more about the ways that social workers help people in every walk of life.

What doors can social work open for you?

What do social workers do?

Social workers study and explore causes, solutions, and human impacts of social issues.  They are committed to making a difference by changing lives.  Focused on the pursuit of social justice, social workers aim to enhance the quality of life and development of each individual, group, and community in society. 

What can I do with a social work degree?

Social workers often specialize in serving a particular population and work in a certain environment.  They may assist someone with a disability, life-threatening disease, or a social problem like inadequate housing, unemployment, or substance abuse.  Social workers also help families with serious domestic conflicts that may involve child or spousal abuse.  Conducting research, advocating for improved services, engaging in systems design, and becoming involved with planning or policy development are additional ways social workers make a difference.  Which door will you choose to unlock?

Information about the social work program.

A social work degree from UNO provides the specialized training necessary to successfully help others cope with everyday issues, deal with relationships, and solve personal and family problems.  Individuals enrolled in the UNO social work program have access to the following unique opportunities:

Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program
Practicum Experience