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Practicum Fair
Practicum Fair
Practicum Fair
Practicum Fair
Practicum Fair
Practicum Fair

Practicum Fair, Fall 2011


The practicum experience consists of a series of courses which are characterized by individualized and experiential teaching and learning, offered within the setting of a social service agency and supervised by approved community practitioners. The courses, taken sequentially, are expected to facilitate learning experiences which are appropriate to the student’s educational level and needs, and supportive of classroom learning.

The goals of the Generalist Practicum for the BSSW-Level undergraduate student (SOWK 4400 and SOWK 4410) and the Foundation-level graduate student (SOWK 8160 and SOWK 8170) are to produce social work practitioners who can perform at the beginning level of professional practice and to provide a base upon which students can build more specialized knowledge and skills. The Generalist Practicum emphasizes the knowledge and processes basic to all social work interventions, introduces the student to various models designed to effect change in social systems and specific social problems, and provides an opportunity for integration of research, knowledge and skills.

In the Advanced-level course of study (SOWK 8400 and SOWK 8410), MSW students must choose an area of concentration from the following:  Clinical Social Work Practice or Integrated Social Work Practice.  Students in the MSW-MPA Dual Degree program are required to be enrolled in the Integrated Social Work Practice Concentration.  Goals within the Clinical Social Work Practice Concentration primarily focus on direct casework and clinical services with individuals, families and small groups, but may also include some goals aimed at indirect services including supervision, administrative activities, research, management, planning, advocacy, and community organizing.  Goals within the Integrated Social Work Practice Concentration will provide the student with a mix of direct and indirect services depending on the Practicum Agency and the student’s career objectives.

BSSW-level candidates take two 5-credit courses of practicum (10 credits total). MSW students who enter the program at the Foundation-level must complete two 3-credit generalist social work practicum courses (6 credits total) before transitioning to Advanced Standing status. All Advanced Standing MSW students are required to take two 3-credit advanced practicum courses (6 credits total). All BSSW-level and Advance-level MSW students will complete a total of 512 hours of practicum experience. Those students entering the MSW program at the Foundation-level will complete over 1,000 hours of practicum (512 hours from Foundation + 512 hours from Advanced).

See the Practicum Manual for more information.

View list and information on practicum agencies.

Practicum Student Forms

130 Hour In-Progress Evaluation Form
Academic Readiness Form – Advanced Practicum
Academic Readiness Form – BSSW and MSW Foundation
Credentials for Certification and Licensure – Nebraska
Direct vs. Indirect Contact Hours – BSSW
Direct vs. Indirect Contact Hours – MSW
Developing a Learning Contract
Glossary of Terms
Learning Contract: SOWK 4410-4420; SOWK 8160-8170
Learning Contract: SOWK 8400-8410; SOWK 8420
Practicum Agreement Form
Practicum Procedures

Practicum Tasks – BSSW
Practicum Tasks – MSW Foundation
Practicum Tasks
– MSW Advanced
Procedures for submitting grades
Record of Practicum Hours - BSSW
Record of Practicum Hours - MSW
Request for Approval of Practicum in Place of Employment
Request for Practicum Out of Region
Student Evaluation of Faculty Liaison
Student Evaluation of the Practicum Agency
Tasks Linked to Competencies – BSSW and MSW Foundation
Tasks Linked to Competencies – MSW Advanced

Practicum Agency Forms

130 Hour In-Progress Evaluation Form
Application for Appointment as Practicum Instructor
Agency Profile
Glossary of Terms
Practicum Instructor Benefits
Practicum Instructor Evaluation of Faculty Liaison
Practicum Instruction Evaluation Tool: SOWK 4410-4420; SOWK 8160-8170
Practicum Instruction Evaluation Tool: SOWK 4410-4420 & SOWK 8160-8170 – electronic version
Practicum Instruction Evaluation Tool: SOWK 8400-8410; SOWK 8420
Practicum Instruction Evaluation Tool: SOWK 8400-8410; SOWK 8420 – electronic version
Procedures for submitting grades
Suggested Topics for Supervision