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community partners

UNO Faculty & P-16 Educators!

Academic service learning links curricular learning outcomes to community-identified needs.  UNO and Omaha metro K-12 Faculty members, through developing partnership with local non-profit agencies, small businesses, government entities, and social entrepreneurs, collaboratively create projects and service activities that both provide relevancy to the curriculum and also positively impact community needs. 

The National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) has established a set of eight standards as a guide to quality service learning.  While they are targeted to the K-12 audience, they are adaptable to higher education faculty as well.  Seminars and trainings provided by the Service Learning Academy utilize this framework to contextualize quality service learning curriculum development.  To learn more about these standards go to:


The UNO Service Learning Academy supports you in your engagement with the community.  We provide the following resources for the development and implementation of quality service learning: 


Service Learning 101

Service Learning 101 is a two-hour workshop typically offered 2-3 times per semester that introduce the concepts and quality standards of service learning. This workshop provides UNO faculty the opportunity to identify and discuss (in a small group setting) the integration of service learning into course curricula.

The workshop can also be delivered to groups such as academic departments and other groups of faculty, upon request. See additional information here and Register.

Service Learning Seminars (P(re)K–16 and UNO Faculty)

Seminars are semiannual, week-long engagements that take place once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. This interactive seminar provides a foundation for understanding quality service learning through the eight K-12 Standards for Quality Service Learning, as participants meet partners and form projects by working through a project planning rubric.  The commitment is four and a half days and includes compensation for attendees as well as the resources of project budget and time used by graduate assistants for project coordination. Contact Julie Dierberger for more information or click here to sign up for the upcoming Service Learning seminar.

Advancing the Practice

Advancing the Practice is a one-hour workshop focused on topics relating to the Quality Standards of Service Learning. This workshop, offered once per fall and spring semester, concentrates on a selected topic and promotes the sharing of best practices and experience while opening up discussion of recommended strategies. Contact the Service Learning Academy for more information.

Individual Consultations

Individual meetings can be arranged to meet individual faculty needs for service learning ideas, strategies, resources, project planning or syllabus development. Consultations can also be customized to meet the needs of P-12 faculty, departments, schools, school districts, or community agencies. Contact Julie Dierberger to schedule.

Community Partnerships.

Finding a Community Partner

The Service Learning Academy develops and maintains relationships with the Greater Omaha nonprofit community, as well as government entities and others who serve the good of the community.  This liaison function stays abreast of community trends, collaborations, resources and needs while serving as a bridge between scholarship and community. contact thje

Who are our Community Partners?

To serve UNO Faculty and P-16 Educators, the Service Learning Academy maintains a current, web-based list of community partners. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about service learning project ideas, please contact the Service Learning Academy.

How can I develop partnerships?

The Service Learning Academy will provide individual introduction for UNO faculty, P-16 partners and nonprofit/government entity partners as a way to facilitate partnerships.

P-16 Project Funding and GA Support.


Service learning partnerships that include a P-16 connection (both K-12 and UNO Higher Education partners) are eligible for resources that include but are not limited to: funding for project transportation, supplies and food with the approval of a completed project plan and SLA-approved budget. 

Graduate Assistant Support

SLA-approved P-16 projects are assigned a graduate assistant (GA) to assist with project administration and logistics. These GAs coordinate multiple projects for multiple teams.