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P-16community partners

Welcome, Community Partners!

The Service Learning Academy invites you to learn more about service learning and the Service Learning Academy!  We hope you will join us in educating our future community leaders and promoting a greater good in order to meet community needs.


What is Service Learning?

Service learning is an experiential method of teaching. Collaborative partnerships between faculty, students and community nonprofit organizations create projects that are tightly linked to course content and promote academic learning, while meeting the needs of the community. Reflection activities before, during, and after each experience (project) facilitate critical thinking and problem solving. Community partners become “teachers of context,” by sharing the perspective of constituencies in the community that they represent, thus expanding students’ world views.

Eight Standards of Service Learning

The National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) has established a set of eight standards:

1. Meaningful Service

2. Link to Curriculum

3. Reflection

4. Diversity

5. Youth Voice

6. Partnerships

7. Progress Monitoring

8. Duration and Intensity

While they are targeted to the K-12 education audience, they are adaptable to higher education environment and to the understanding of community partners, as well. To learn more about these standards go to:

Benefits to Community Partners

- Provides additional resources and information to community organizations;

- Helps students become invested in their community and in the particular partner organization (civic attitudes); and

- Helps community members to value youth as contributors.

Want to explore becoming a community partner for service learning? Please complete the following...