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If you cannot view the Service Learning Seminar form above, please download a free version of Adobe Acrobat or print out a hardcopy and mail to Julie Dierberger at 6001 Dodge St. MBSC 114 Omaha, NE 68182.


Number of Service Learning Courses

The total number of service learning courses has shown considerable growth across the years.


Number of Students participating in Service Learning

The count of UNO student who are participating in service learning during an academic

year is approaching 3,000.

Over 9,000 P-12 students have actively participated in service learning projects

supported by the P-16 Initiative. During the 2012-13 school year, the P-16 service

learners provided over 42,000 hours of service to the community.  The K-12 students

averaged 11 hours per service learner, while the UNO students averaged 13 hours

of service each.  These service learning projects provided the K-12 students with

a glimpse of how their future might include college.



UNO students who participate in service learning courses are offered the opportunity

to participate in a research study focused on the impact of service learning. Some of

the results from that survey data collected during the 2010-11 school year is shared

in the "civic engagement," "academic engagement," and "personal growth" tabs that

follow. Along with documenting the impact of service learning, the data collected

from this research is used to:

- develop more effective service learning training and support.

- inform outreach to PK-12 schools and nonprofit organizations in the Omaha community.

- encourage faculty participation and promote scholarship


Civic Engagement

civengageClick on graph to enlarge.

Service learning helps students learn about their community and understand the role they can play. When asked about how their service learning experience impacted them, students reported that they learned how to get more involved and what the needs were in their community. Close to 8 out of 10 students felt an enhanced sense of responsibility to serve their community. This heightened sense of civic engagment will continue to benefit these students and their communities into the future.

Academic Engagement

acadengageClick on graph to enlarge.

The service learning students also observed that the experience enhanced the relevance of their course work. They saw how the course content could be used in everyday life and understood the connections between their project and course objectives. The community work even helped 3 out of 4 students better understand the lectures. Students confirmed the value of service learning as an educational pedagogy.

Personal Growth

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As UNO students look toward completing their studies and pursuing their careers, they recognize that their service learning experience has helped to prepare them for this transition. The service learners report gains in communication, personal responsibility for learning, and comfort in a culturally diverse work force. They also acknowledged gains in their abilities to plan and complete a project as well as problem solve.