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U-Tip for Anonymous Text Message

A SMS Text Message system available to all Cell Phone users. U-Tip is an application on the E2Campus system, but registration with E2Campus is not required to utilize the system. The UNO community can use the service to report suspicious activities that they see on campus, such as theft or vandalism. Communication is anonymous, allowing uTipsters to send in tips without the fear or risk of retribution. U-Tip can also be used to help prevent crimes on campus by reporting incidents before they escalate, and by helping Campus Security spot suspicious individuals.

To use the system simply enter 50911 in the address box.

In the text message type UNO911 (your message here). An example of the text content might be:

UNO911 possible car breakin west of DSC

“UNO911” is UNO's campus identifier. It is essential that you provide a space between UNO911 and your text message for the message to get routed to UNO Campus Security.

This message will be sent directly to Campus Security and appropriate action will be taken immediately.

Users are reminded that the U-Tip system should be used for very specific situations where privacy or discreetness is required. All other emergency calls should be made to Campus Security at 402-554-2911 or Omaha Police and Fire at 911, so more information can be gathered from the caller.