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Safety Hints & Tips


General Safety Tips

- In all activities, use common sense and be conscious of your surroundings. Don't ignore hazardous situations.

- Explore our campus maps to become familiarized with our campus and neighboring areas by visiting

- Always keep your vehicle locked and the windows up, both when the car is parked and when you are driving. Have your key in hand when approaching your car.

- If you see something, say something: Report suspicious and unusual activity to Campus Security at 402-554-2911 or report it anonymously using U-Tip. To learn more about U-Tip, visit

- Make a mental note of where the Blue Light Emergency Phones are located during your usual walk to campus or campus activities.

- Add UNO Campus Security to your phone’s contact list 402-554-2911. You will use this number to report emergencies. UNO Campus Security is available 24 hours a day.

- Use the buddy system; watch out for your neighbor. Avoid traveling alone at night around campus or nearby locations.

- Trust your instincts: If you have a concern for your personal safety while on campus, call Campus Security who will provide you with a personal escort. This is available 24 hours a day.

- Students are automatically subscribed to UNO text alerts.  If you have previously unsubscribed to the alerts, or subscribed using a different phone number, visit


Housing Safety Tips

- Keep your door looked at all times. It only takes ten seconds for a thief to enter your room and take your belongings.

- Have your key ready to enter your residence, prior to reaching the door.

- Do not prop outside doors open, even for a few minutes.

- Do not open outside doors for anyone who does not have a key or access card for that building or door.

- Do not leave a note on your door for your friends telling them that you aren’t home, or where you have gone. Friends aren’t the only people who might read the note.

- If someone knocks on your door, do not open it until you are certain of the identity of the person or if you can determine they are University staff. If you do not wish to open the door, and the individual persists, call Campus Security at 402-554-2911.

- Keep an accurate inventory of your possessions. It is a good idea to keep serial numbers and pictures. Keep them in a safe place.

- Purchase renters insurance to protect your property against theft.

- Always keep your keys in your possession. Never place them under mats, over doors, or in other "hiding places." Thieves are more experienced at finding hiding places than you are at inventing them.

- Close your blinds or curtains after dark. Never dress in front of the window — your silhouette may be visible from the outside.

- If you return to your residence and suspect that it has been entered illegally, do not enter. Call Campus Security at 402-554-2911.

Campus Security Resources

- Services
The Campus Security Department provides assistance to motorists 24 hours daily, to jump-start your vehicle, open a locked vehicle, and change a tire in certain situations, for vehicles on campus only.

- Personal Safety Checks
Individuals who may be working alone, outside normal working hours are encouraged to contact Campus Security. Security officers will periodically check on your safety while you are here.

- Operation I.D.
Your personal belongings may be engraved to aid in finding lost or stolen property. Stop by the Campus Security Office and check out an engraver and instructions to engrave your property.