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Security Suppport Services

Other Services

The Campus Security Department, in an effort to assist the University Community, provides the following services free of charge:

  • Jump-starting stalled vehicles.
  • Opening of vehicles when owner/operator has locked the keys inside.
  • Changing flat tires when vehicle owner/operator physically unable.
  • Obtain gas

*Vehicle assists are done for vehicles on campus only.

  • Fingerprint applicants for local, State, Federal positions, and children of Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni for the benefit of parents should the child become missing.
  • Escort persons at their request while on campus.
  • Personal Safety Checks. Individuals who may be working alone, outside normal working hours are encouraged to contact Campus Security. Security Officers will periodically check on your safety while you are there.
  • Operation Identification - engravers available to mark your personal items to assist in recovering stolen items.
  • Copies of theft/personal injury reports furnished for insurance purposes.
  • Deliver Emergency Medical Messages.

If you have lost an item on campus, visit one of the lost-and-found locations available across campus. Items are picked up once a week and can be claimed by description or proper identification. At the end of the semester, the items are donated or destroyed. For questions, call Campus Security at x4-2648 or visit one of the following locations:

  • Allwine Hall, Room 114
  • Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 240
  • College of Public Affairs and Community Services, Room 109
  • Community Engagement Center, Room 115
  • Durham Science Center, Room 129
  • Eppley Administration Building, Room 100
  • Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Room 100
  • Kayser Hall, Room 208
  • Mammel Hall, Room 300
  • Milo Bail Student Center, Administrative Office and Bookstore
  • Peter Kiewit Institute of Information Science, Technology and Engineering, Room 100
  • Sapp Field House, Room 109
  • Strauss Performing Arts Center, Room 213
  • University Library, Circulation Desk
  • Weber Fine Arts Building, Room 315