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Security Suppport Services


1. Pull the nearest fire alarm. DIAL 4-2911. Campus Security will then sound thegeneral alarm. Give your name, location and the extent of the fire.

2. Spread the word if possible. Evacuate the building.

3. If possible close all doors behind you.

4. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Individuals who are in wheelchairs shouldimmediately go to the designated stair towers* where emergency personnel will assist them.

5. Assemble at the rally point for the building. Avoid blocking drives that may be used by emergencypersonnel.

Building Rally Point *Physically Disabled Assembly Point
Allwine Hall MBSC Nebraska Rm. NW stairwell door
ASH EAB Auditorium West stairwell door
BRB Sapp Field House Lobby Stairwells
CB PAC Auditorium Center stairwell, north side
DSC Fine Arts Lobby, Rm 128 Center stairwell, near Rm 203, 305
EAB MBSC Ballroom Top of circular stairwell
FH HPER Rm 103 West stairwell door
Fine Arts Library Rm 205A Northeast stairwell door
HPER Sapp Field House Lobby North stairs, 2nd floor,
East stairs, basement
KH EAB Auditorium South stairwell door
Library Fine Arts Lobby, Rm 128 Center stairwell
Mammel Hall PKI Lobby North stairwell
MBSC PAC Auditorium Northwest stairwell on 3rd floor,
Food Court on 2nd floor
PAC MBSC TV lounge Northeast stairwell
PKI Mammel Hall Lobby Center stairwell
Roskens Hall EAB Auditorium South stairwell door
Welcome Center Fine Arts South Lobby South stairwell, all levels
Central Utilities Sapp Field House Lobby
Sculpture (15) Sapp Field House Lobby
Child Care (47) DSC lobby
Landscape Services (16) Child Care entry
Alumni House DSC lobby