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Weapon Prohibition on University of Nebraska Omaha Property 

The possession of deadly weapons on property controlled by the University of Nebraska Omaha is prohibited.  This restriction includes weapons concealed or not concealed, on the person or in a vehicle.  Members of law enforcement agencies of municipal, county, state and federal governments on official visits on University property are exempt from this provision.  For purposes of this policy “deadly weapons” include:  any firearm, knife, bludgeon or other device which in the manner used or intended is capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.  This policy applies to all members of the general public, students and University employees, except University employees who are specifically authorized to carry concealed weapons as a part of their job responsibility. 

The possession of weapons on University property may only be authorized by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.  Individual written authorization will be maintained in the office of Campus Security.

Property controlled by the University of Nebraska Omaha includes all property owned by the University, all property leased by or licensed to the University and all fraternity houses, sorority houses, or other student housing facilities recognized by the University.

Questions on this policy should be directed to the Manager of Campus Security, Room 100, Eppley Administration Building,

For further information on the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Act, go to the
Nebraska State Patrol Home Page.
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