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SummerWorks 2014



SummerWorks Omaha is a nine week summer employment academy designed for urban high school youth 15-18 years old who desire to earn an income through summer employment while learning about the world of work and gaining skills through their work experience. During the nine weeks, participants work at public parks and nonprofit organizations within the community to learn, earn, and serve.


The program objectives are three-fold:
  • To respond to the needs of Omaha’s high school youth, ages 15-18, who desire summer employment.
  • To learn new skills, develop resources and expand their knowledge base as a community citizen while gaining work experience.
  • To contribute to the beautification, restoration and transformation of the greater Omaha community through the service/employment of the Program Participants.

Means of Reaching Objectives

  • Employing approximately 150 high school youth, 15-18 years of age;
  • Employing 22-25 adult Team Leaders to supervise program participants;
  • Providing appropriate work projects throughout the program for all program participants; and
  • Providing program participants with community and cultural learning opportunities within the Omaha community.


  • Provide summer employment and earned income for 150 Program Participants
  • Develop employability skills within the Program Participants
  • Strengthen Program Participants' understanding of "work"
  • Create an esprit de corps within the work groups
  • Broaden the Program Participants' view of the Omaha community
  • Generate a vision of work opportunities for the Program Participants
  • Enhance the Program Participants' understanding of community citizenship
  • Build and strengthen the metropolitan community through the efforts of the Program Participants

Program Description

The UNO SummerWorks program is designed for a select group of high school youth 15-18 years old wanting summer employment and the opportunity to learn new skills while gaining work experience. Through the UNO SummerWorks program, approximately 22-25 adult leam leaders will be hired by UNO as employees. Each team leader will be assigned a group of approximately 6-7 high school students also hired as UNO employees (hereinafter referred to as “Program Participants”). The team leaders will be responsible for supervising, mentoring, and assisting the program participants in the nine week summer work program, which will run from June 2, 2014, through August 1, 2014. The program participants will work from 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Monday through Friday each week. On Monday through Thursday, they will work at work sites inside and outside of the public parks system and at other work sites throughout the metropolitan community. Each Friday, Program Participants will participate in activities to gain experience in earned income management, be exposed to community and cultural events, and expand their skills and knowledge about the career and education opportunities. Lunch and transportation will be provided throughout the program for the program participants and team Leaders.

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General Information

  • To learn more about the SummerWorks Omaha program please visit us on Facebook
  • Contact us at (402)554-4083