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SPUNO stands for School Psychology at UNO. Our SPUNO group, which consists of all school psychology faculty and students, meets the first Friday of every month to inform members of various community organizations, develop and strengthen their leadership skills and discuss current issues in the field. The organization functions to promote cohesion among students and faculty, and offers opportunities for professional development beyond the classroom. Monthly group meetings may consist of discussions about volunteer and employment opportunities, individual class issues, research ideas and opportunities for involvement. Guest speakers are frequently invited to discuss current trends in the field, resources and other information useful for future school psychologists.

Each year, school psychology students elect officers who take on leadership positions and represent their class. These class representatives are the SPUNO President, Vice-President, and Secretary. Other leadership opportunities include representatives to state and national school psychology organizations, as well as the various committees mentioned below.


President: Mackenzie Gillaspie
Vice-President: Alysha Collins
Secretary: Steph Hengen

NSPA/NASP Representatives:
Tessa Miller, Andrew Prine, Phil Scherer, and Lacey Evans

Jasmine Perdue, Emily Ramsey, and Brianna Conway
Summer Reading Program:
Makenzie Gillaspie,
Alysha Collins, Lauren Drelicharz, Stephanie Larsen, and Steph Hengen
Megan Norton and Lauren Smith
Christine Harris, Julia Temme, and AnneMarie Little
Social Media
Whitley Jelinek
Brooke Roth, Olivia Babe-Rosol, and Marie Boyd

Faculty Sponsors:
Lisa Kelly-Vance,
Brian McKevitt
and Adam Weaver


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