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School Psychology Research

UNO faculty and students ground themselves in being research driven, data-based practitioners. School psychology research teams (see below) give students first-hand experience in educational research. Additionally, students are highly encouraged to represent UNO by presenting their projects and research and local and national conferences.

In February of 2015, 2nd year student, Julia Temme, presented a research project from her work at the Munroe Meyer Institute at the Annual NASP conference in Orlando, FL.

NASP 2015 Presentations

Aggression in schools: A review of research and implications (Prine & Weaver)

Developing reading skills of English language learners through a mentoring program (Ramsey)

School-wide positive behavior support in an alternative school setting (Miller & McKevitt)

The effectiveness of iPad technology to enhance reading fluency (Harris & McKevitt)

The effects of mand training on problem behavior (Temme & Lugo)

The impact of physical activity on educational achievement (Roth & Weaver)

Toil & Trouble: Emotional labor of the school psychologist (Weaver & Allen)

Research Web links

Dr. Lisa Kelly-Vance's PLAIS website

Dr. Brian McKevitt's Social-Emotional-Behavioral Interventions Page