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School Psychology Curriculum

Sample program of study

Summary of field experiences and placement in the school psychology program

Master of Science in Psychology (M.S.)

Required Coursework

PSYC 9230: Proseminar: Behavioral Neuroscience

PSYC 9440: Proseminar: Social Psychology
PSYC 9560: Proseminar: Developmental Psychology

PSYC 9020: Proseminar: Statistical Methods II

School Psychology Coursework

PSYC 8000: The Profession of Psychology (no credit)
PSYC 8500: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Foundations of School Psychology
PSYC 8520: Foundations of Psychological Assessment
PSYC 8530: Early Childhood Assessment
PSYC 8540: School Age Assessment
PSYC 8576: Behavior Analysis and Intervention
PSYC 8590: Psychology of Exceptional Children
PSYC 8970: Masters Level Practicum in School Psychology
TED 8210: Multicultural Education
-or- SPED 8556: Special Needs Students from Diverse Communities

Total credit hours: 36

Specialist in Education in School Psychology (Ed.S.)

PSYC 8250: Family Analysis and Treatment
PSYC 9320: Seminar in Program Evaluation
PSYC 9780: Advanced Educational and Psychological Consultation
PSYC 8550: Psychotherapeutic Interventions
PSYC 9940: School Psychology Applied Research Project (6 credit hours)
PSYC 9970: Ed.S. Level Practicum in School Psychology (6 credit hours)
PSYC 9980: Internship in School Psychology (6 credit hours)


Graduate course in Education (3 credit hours)
Graduate course in Counseling (3 credit hours)

Elective courses MUST be approved by the School Psychology Program Committee with written justification submitted to the Program Director at least one month prior to course commencement.

Total credit hours: 36