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Policies & Procedures

Travel Policies

Health Insurance Requirement for Student Abroad
Travel Involving Students (Field Trip Insurance)
University of Nebraska at Omaha travel involving students is limited to students who are:

  • Employees of the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Members of the Board of Regents
  • Members of an official University of Nebraska at Omaha committee approved by the chancellor's office traveling on University of Nebraska at Omaha business
  • Students on field trips conducted as part of an approved instructional program.
  • Students who travel as representatives of the University, such as members of performing groups or teams.
  • Students who have obtained proper insurance coverage.

All students traveling officially for the University of Nebraska at Omaha beyond a 50 mile radius of the campus are provided insurance coverage by the University. Limits of coverage are: minimum of $30,000 accidental death insurance and $2,500 medical cost reimbursement insurance. The Risk Management Office can answer specific questions about insuring students

Car Rental Policy
Employees traveling on University business who wish to use a rental vehicle should procure a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. UNO's current agreement with Enterprise provides discounted daily rates, as well as first coverage for any accident which may occur, excluding those caused by driver negligence. If there are no Enterprise locations in the area where employees are traveling, UNO recommends that employees take out the travel insurance programs offered by other car rental companies. If employees do not follow this procedure, the expense associated with an accident may revert to their department budget.

Authorized Drivers Policy
The following individuals are considered to qualify as authorized operators by the University of Nebraska at Omaha:

  • Members of the Board of Regents
  • Employees and emeriti staff members of the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha Students
  • Employees of the University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Members of an official University committee approved by the Chancellor’s office to travel on University business
  • Individuals on special assignment who have received approval from a Dean/Director or higher

Rental Vehicle Insurance Coverage Policy
Authorized representatives of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and/or authorized drivers as determined by the Authorized Driver policy, conducting business on behalf of the University, will occasionally rent vehicles in conjunction with doing University business. If the representative(s) are renting a vehicle in either a foreign country or in the United States the representative should take the insurance coverages (liability coverage and collision coverage) offered by the rental company (if they are not already included in the negotiated rental fee). Expenses associated with the purchase of these coverages will be reimbursed to the representative renting the vehicle.

Large Passenger Van Policy

Miscellaneous Policies

Policy On Combat Sports And/Or Sports With Weapons:
The Office of Risk Management prohibits the sponsorship or sanctioning of Combat Sports and/or other Martial Arts Sports that use Weapons in their activities. Weapons are determined to be sticks, rods, swords or any other device that is not part of protective equipment or the human body.

Questions concerning whether a sport or activity is considered a combat sport should be directed to the Manager of Risk Management.

General Use Policy of University Owned Vehicles:
The head of the department to which the vehicle is assigned must authorize the use of a University-owned vehicle. The use of all University-owned vehicles will be confined strictly to the conducting of official business of the University. There may be situations where the best interest of the University is served by having the driver retain possession of the vehicle during non-duty periods and authorization to do so should be cleared with the department. University vehicles are not to be used for personal use per Nebraska Statute No. 81-1024 .

"No officer or employee of the State of Nebraska shall use any motor vehicle owned by the State of Nebraska for any personal use whatsoever. Any officer or employee who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a Class V misdemeanor, and in addition thereto the officer or employee shall be deemed guilty of official misconduct in office for palpable omission of duty, and upon conviction thereof the court shall have the power to add to the judgment that any officer or employee shall be removed from office or employment."

Loaned or Donated Art Policy:
The University of Nebraska at Omaha welcomes opportunities to display art within the public areas in its facilities.

This public art policy covers gifts of art to the University of Nebraska at Omaha or art purchased for the University of Nebraska at Omaha by donors as well as art currently on display in the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The policy also covers the temporary, long term loan to the University of Nebraska at Omaha of art pieces for display from an individual or organization.

When a University unit is offered a piece of fine art for display in a public area, the unit head will provide the Office of Risk Management with a description of the art along with any special needs or special circumstances related to the gift or long-term loan. This information is required to ensure an accurate record of art donated and/or loaned to the University and will be kept on file in the Office of Risk Management.

Youth Activity Safety Policy:
The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) has a strong interest in protecting the safety of youth on our campus; therefore, the campus is implementing a Youth Activity Safety Policy in order to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable activity/program experience for all participants. This policy provides minimum specific guidelines for activities sponsored by UNO and for activities sponsored by other organizations, but held on UNO’s campus. UNO units may on their own adopt procedures that are stricter than those listed in this document. If non-UNO activities cannot meet these guidelines, prior written approval from the UNO Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance is needed. UNO reserves the right to discontinue an activity if found to be in violation of these policies.