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Insurance Eligibility

The role of the University insurance programs is to protect and conserve the human, property, and financial resources of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. To this end the University uses a variety of financing methods that include self-insurance and commercial insurance. It is important that all faculty and staff participate in the program in order to protect and conserve the assets of the University. The various programs are as follows:

Property: All property owned by the University is covered under a blanket property program that provides coverage at a replacement cost value. On any property loss the department will pay a deductible of $2,000. Property losses should be reported to the UNO Risk Manager. The UNO Risk Manager will administer property losses of under $200,000 and the property insurance carrier will administer losses above the $200,000.

Liability: The University has a self insured comprehensive general liability program.

Workers Compensation: Workers Compensation covers all employees of the University including student workers. The coverage is for injuries arising out of and in the course of a person's employment. Workers Compensation pays the employee's medical bills and if the employee is off more then 5 days, Workers Compensation will pay 2/3 of the person's wages up to a statutory maximum. Human Resources policy allows an employee up to 5 days of injury leave based on the normal hours the person worked. This can be used as long as there is a doctor's note stating the person should be off work. Work related accidents should be report immediately to the Benefits Office.

Automobile Coverage: The University of Nebraska has liability coverage on all University vehicles used for business. For department owned vehicles there is an option to purchase full coverage for that vehicle with an extra charge to the department. Employees using personal vehicles on University business will have their personal auto insurance coverage, as primary and the University plan will be excess over this primary coverage. In the event of physical damage to another vehicle when using personal vehicles while on University business the responsibility of the damage will be with the employee and their personal insurance. The University does not provide any coverage in this area. Workers Compensation covers employees using a University vehicle on business. Students who ride in a University vehicle and are not employees have no coverage unless they have purchased the University's field trip insurance, which provides for $30,000 of accidental death coverage and $2,500 of accident medical coverage.

Student Field Trip Insurance: The Student Field Trip Insurance provides limited medical coverage and death benefits in the event of an accident during travel. All University of Nebraska at Omaha students are required to have Student Field Trip Insurance when traveling outside the city of Omaha. Trips that are made inside the city of Omaha are not required to have Student Field Trip Insurance but are encouraged to do so. All Student Field Trip Insurance requests should be turned in at least three days prior to the trip departure date. If a Student Field Trip Insurance request is not completed, the student will not be covered.

Limits of Coverage: Accidental Death $30,000; Accident Medical Expense $2,500; Aggregate Limit $500,000.

Requests for insurance may either be faxed, e-mailed or sent via campus mail to Miranda Marreel located in EAB 209. Please contact Miranda at 402-554-2322 with any questions or concerns. Click here for the Student Field Trip Insurance Form.

Air Ambulance Card: The Air Ambulance Card is a membership program that flies sick or injured members to the U.S. or Canadian hospital of their choice when they are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, domestically or internationally. The University of Nebraska Omaha recommends this membership to be in force for any University Faculty/Staff traveling to a foreign location (requiring a passport) or Alaska and Hawaii. Click here to learn more and to enroll.

Certificate of Liability requests: Please contact Miranda Marreel.

Phone #: 402-554-2322
Fax #: 402-554-2244