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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?
Contact Miranda Marreel via email.

How do I purchase student field trip insurance?
Contact Miranda Marreel via email or click here

Is personal property covered?
Generally speaking, the University's coverage does not extend to personal property. Some exceptions apply if property is being used at the request of, or to benefit, the University.

Do I need to purchase insurance to cover property in transit?
No, the University's property insurance program covers University owned property in transit.

Do I need to obtain the collision damage waiver insurance when renting a vehicle?
Yes, you should purchase full coverage unless you use the University's designated car rental company - Enterprise.

Does the University's auto insurance program respond to loss or damage involving a personal vehicle driven for University business?
The owner of the vehicle's insurance responds to the loss or damage. The mileage reimbursement rate includes an insurance reimbursement.

Are insurance premiums recharged to University Departments?
Yes, on department owned vehicles that request full coverage and on student field trip insurance.

How do I obtain loss information for my department?
Contact Campus Security to fill out a report at 402.554.2648.