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Travel - Airline Tickets

Travel agency information/links are listed below:


Travel & Transport

The University of Nebraska has established a prime vendor contract/agreement with Travel and Transport for all campuses of the University of Nebraska. This program provides a travel agency for airline reservations. They are also available to provide assistance with hotel and vehicle rental needs. All commercial air reservations must be made through this travel agency. The travel agency will bill the University for the reservation. The SAP cost object is provided for billing purposes to Travel and Transport at the time of reservation. For questions concerning this process, please contact the Teresa Carlson at 402-554-4937.

Full Service Travel Agency
Travel & Transport



Travel and Transport Travelport You will need to self-register for a user id and password to use the site.


Southwest Airlines-Limited Service

The University of Nebraska has designed a website on which employees can self register for access to the Southwest Airlines website to directly purchase airfare tickets. This site employs the same Southwest Airlines screens as for leisure travel, no transaction fees are charged, the University makes the payment for business related air trips, and Airfare Situation Reports will no longer be needed to purchase from the Southwest Airlines site. For questions concerning this process, please contact Teresa Carlson at 402-554-4937.

Southwest Airline - Limited Service (see below) 800-435-9792
Instructions (Printable PDF Document)

Please review and following all instructions in the above document to register for a Southwest Airlines login.

You must read and click the Accept button below to be taken to the Southwest Airlines website to register or login.


Southwest Airlines Website
I agree that if any problem occurs with the ticket purchase from this website, I will contact Southwest Airlines directly to resolve the problem. Considerations I am aware of include limited service after the purchase (Travel and Transport will not be able to help with the Southwest Airlines bookings not originally made between the time of purchase and the travel date, and Southwest travel vouchers for unused tickets are not transferable.