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Purchasing Policy & Procedures


Occasionally you may receive telephone calls from various telemarketers offering you "special" prices on supplies or services. Some common scams are Toner Phoners, Fax Directory Scams, Advertisment Firms and Yellow Pages Billings. In the long run, these items can cost you more money than you think. Please use the following guidelines to help you decide whether or not a caller is legitimate.

Eight Ways to Spot a Phone Scam

1. Firm's name intended to sound like a manufacturer or your regular supplier.
2.You must act on the offer that day.
3. Caller acts like he/she has done business with you before.
4. Firm is unwilling to send you written information on the offer or references.
5. Firm is unwilling to give you a telephone number.
6 Caller asks for your credit card number as identification.
7. Caller asks for serial number on your copier.
8. Caller asks for your social security number.

How You Can Avoid Becoming a Victim

1. Designate specific individual(s) responsible for ordering supplies.
2.Train all employees who answer the phone.
3. Don't give equipment information such as brand names, model numbers or serial numbers over the phone.
4. Do business with know companies or ask for references.
5. Issue a written purchase order number, which must be used on invoices, packing slips and bills of lading.
6. Employees responsible for receiving incoming products should have copy of the order.
7. Merchandise must conform to bill of lading or refuse it.
8. Don't pay for - or return - unordered merchandise.
9. Report incidents to the Purchasing Department immediately.