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Purchasing Card

Transaction Disputes

A cardholder may dispute a charge appearing on their list of Purchasing Card charges. If there is a charge that is not recognized by the cardholder, or if it appears to be incorrect, the first step is to try to contact the vendor. If there is no resolution the cardholder should contact US Bank at 1-800-344-5696. If there is no resolution from this process, the cardholder must contact the UNO Purchasing Card Program Administrator, EAB Room 208 at 402-554-3514.

All disputed/questioned items MUST be communicated to the Program Administrator within thirty (30) days of the monthly cycle date. Your request will be sent directly to US Bank.

During the investigation, a credit will be issued to the cardholder's account for the amount questioned. When US Bank has completed its investigation, the cardholder will be notified of the resolution. If the dispute is not settled in the favor of the cardholder, the account will be charged for the disputed transaction amount.