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Purchasing Card

University of Nebraska Purchasing Card Program

Purchasing Card Provider

The University's Purchasing Card Provider is US Bank. The purchasing card is a VISA card. Each card is issued in the name of an individual cardholder, who must be a University of Nebraska employee.

If you require a Purchasing Card please complete the Application Form and forward it to Procurement, Eppley Administration Building Room 208. You will be contacted when your card is available for pick-up..

Purchasing Card Application Form


Purchasing Card Program Design

The Purchasing Card Program is designed to improve efficiency in processing and completing low dollar purchases from any vendor/supplier that accepts a Visa credit card.

The Purchasing Card can be used for purchases of all approved supplies and materials (see Financial Policy). All purchases of supplies and materials where a University approved "Prime Vendor" contract is in place should be made from those contracted vendors/suppliers. Each Purchasing Card is issued to a named individual and the University is clearly indicated on the card as the corporate buyer of products. The sales tax exempt status of the University is embossed on the card. The Purchasing Card is not to be used for any personal transactions.

This program will enable you to purchase of approved commodities, rental of equipment and maintenance and repair services directly from vendors/suppliers. The related charges will be debited directly to the University default cost object designated for Purchasing Cards. Payment for all Purchasing Card transactions is performed electronically which eliminates the need to process vendor invoices and to issue checks for payment of each invoice.

When using the Purchasing Card, charges can be distributed to multiple departmental cost objects. There will be no need to process a purchase order or a journal entry form to document these transactions.

Purchasing, Accounting Services and Operations Analysis will monitor the performance of the Purchasing Card program. All questions or concerns regarding this program should be directed to:

Disbursement & Purchasing Related:Lynn McAlpine 402-554-3514

On-line Reconciliation: Accounting Services, phone 402-554-2320