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Purchasing Card

Proof of Purchase Documentation

The Purchasing Card Program facilitates point-of-sale purchases, giving authorized cardholders the ability to purchase specific goods directly from a vendor/supplier. The Purchasing Card will eliminate the time and effort spent on processing requisitions and other internal forms, filing of purchase order copies and the reconciliation of invoices.

With this authority comes the responsibility for maintaining adequate documentation at the source of the transaction. It is the responsibility of each department and/or cost object to assign responsibility or record retention in accordance with the the University's Records Management Policy.

Documentation MUST support an authorized (acceptable) business purpose of all transactions made with the Purchasing Card. Documentation must be maintained in the source department. This documentation must be filed in a manner that it may be retrieved for subsequent review by the University's Operations Analysis department or by the University's external auditor. It may also be reviewed as part of the general-purpose financial audit or A-133 Federal Grant and Contract Audit, or by the Pre-Audit Division of the State of Nebraska Department of Administrative Services, or by the State of Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts office. These are official records of the University of Nebraska and must be kept in accordance with the University Records Retention Policy of seven (7) years or five (5) years after the end of a grant or contract whichever is longer. The Operations Analysis Department should be advised immediately if any of the documentation is inadvertently destroyed earlier than permitted by policy.

Supporting documentation should include:
• Copy of an order form, registration form or application when available.
• Packing slips for goods received.
• Cashier receipt or vendor/supplier invoice.
• Purchasing Card receipt.

Supporting documentation for individual purchasing card transactions does not need to be signed by the appropriate departmental officials if a department had developed other procedures for departmental officials to review and approve purchasing card transactions. Other procedures can include having departmental officials sign the monthly University ledger report or a printout of purchasing card transactions. Transactions will be subject to audit by UNO's Operations Analysis Department and State of Nebraska Auditors.