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Purchasing Card

Ordering Process

The Purchasing Card Program provides another option to the existing purchasing procedures regarding transactions for goods valued at less than $4,999.00 (including all delivery, shipping, etc.). No single purchase is to exceed $4,999.00.

Purchases for restricted commodities and for purchases of $5,000.00 or more should continue to be processed in accordance with the established procurement/disbursement policies and procedures.

Please be sure to follow these procedures when using the Purchasing Card.

  • Identify if the purchase is appropriate for a Purchasing Card transaction. Check the list of restricted commodities and financial policy.
  • Identify if the product or service you are purchasing is available from a current "Prime Vendor", if so, please place your order directly with the contracted vendor.
  • Determine if your transaction total is $4,999.00 or less. If not, the transaction must be processed in accordance with established purchasing/disbursement policies and procedures.
  • Contact the vendor/supplier:
        1. State that you are calling from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and you will be making a Visa purchase.
        2. Emphasize that the University is Sales Tax Exempt! Provide the exemption number listed on the front of the Purchasing card.
        3. If necessary, a copy of the Purchasing Card may be faxed to the vendor/supplier as proof of the University's sales tax exemption status. If they require a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, advise them to request the certificate from the Procument office at 402-554-2386.
        4. Order the item(s)
        5. Provide the vendor/supplier with the Purchasing Card number and expiration date.
        6. Provide the vendor/supplier with your name, department name and complete delivery address. You should include your building name and room number to insure proper delivery.
        7. Make sure the appropriate departmental personnel are aware of your purchase, and that you have followed all departmental procedures regarding processing and University record retention/documentation requirements.
        8. Indicate to vendor to only bill for exact items shipped.


When receiving a shipment, it is the responsibility of the Cardholder to properly inspect the shipment in accordance with receipt and inspection of purchased goods. In case of returns, the Cardholder is responsible for coordinating the return directly with the vendor/supplier and for contacting the Purchasing Card Program Administrator in the Purchasing Department with any unresolved issues.

All packing slips must be retained as part of the purchase transaction documentation.