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Purchasing Card

How It Works

The Purchasing Card program simplifies the purchasing/disbursement process by facilitating point-of-sale procurement. Purchasing responsibility is delegated to the ordering department who is thereby enabling the cardholder of that department to place an order directly with a vendor/supplier. The Purchasing Card program provides enhanced control for all transactions by producing immediate decisions on five specific authorization criteria as explained below.

When a purchase authorization is requested by a vendor/supplier at the point-of-sale, the Visa system validates the transaction against pre-set limits established by the Purchasing/Accounting Services offices in conjunction with department administrators. All transactions are approved or declined instantaneously based on the following Purchasing Card authorization criteria.
       •Number of transactions allowed per day.
       •Number of transactions allowed per month.
       •Single purchase limit not to exceed $4,999.00.
       •Approved commodity codes.

The authorization process occurs through an electronic system that supports the Purchasing Card program under the University's bank agreement with US Bank, NA.