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Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card Financial Policy

  1. All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of the University of Nebraska Purchasing Card Program Cardholder Agreement.
  2. All purchase transactions processed against the Purchasing Card must be made by the individual to whom the card is issued.
  3. The Purchasing Card can be used to purchase approved commodities, rental of equipment and maintenance and repair services. These include but are not limited to:
    • Dues, memberships or subscriptions if made in the name of the University and mailed/delivered to a campus address or location.
    • Conference registration fees. The name of the person, purpose of the trip, traveling dates and destination must be included in the backup documentation.
    • Office supplies.
    • Maintenance/repair supplies and services
    • Computer supplies.
    • Research supplies.
    • Rental of equipment.
  4. The Purchasing Card CANNOT be used for the following transactions:
    • Payments to individuals residing outside the state of Nebraska for services performed inside the state of Nebraska.
    • Payments to an out-of-state business providing services in the state of Nebraska when 80% or more of the payee business is owned by the individual performing the services.
    • Payments for services performed by non-US citizens.
    • Alcoholic beverages, drugs or pharmaceutical products.
    • Flowers, holiday decorations or personal objects (such as tissues, greeting cards, invitations, paper cups or plates, pictures, radios, coffee pots, heaters, refrigerators, microwave ovens or art objects). Refrigerators and Microwave ovens can be purchased for research purposes.
    • Food items, except for laboratory research projects.
    • Payments for hotel/motel rooms or conference lodging deposits.
    • Travel expenses such as airline, rail or bus tickets, entertainment, parking fees, lodging, vehicle rental, bus fares, taxi expenses, or food.
    • Payments to employees or students for any reason.
    • Honorarium payments.
    • Student aid payments.
    • Expenses for faculty and staff recruiting or entertainment of perspective employees.
    • Moving expenses.
    • Gifts, donations or contributions to individuals or organizations.
    • Gift cards.
    • Firearms or ammunition.
    • Lab animals.
    • Time Payments or lease agreements.
    • Pyramiding (multiple purchases to cover the same transaction).
    • Tuition payments.
    • Cash advances.
    • Construction and renovation items.
    • Personal items.
    • Payments to other University departments except University Bookstore.
    • Refunds of Revenue
    • Purchase of hazardous material or substances:
      • in a single container quantity in excess of 50 pounds (solid)
      • in a single container quantity in excess of 5 gallons (liquids)
      • that are manufactured and sold primarily for "commercial/bulk use" (okay if manufactured and sold primarily for "household" and "general consumer" use and purchased at a general consumer retail outlet).
    • Purchases that require a license or permit to transport or possess (e.g. absolute alcohol, controlled substances, items regulated under the Toxic Substance Act).
    • Purchase of or removal of hazardous or radioactive materials and/or radiation producing devices.
    • Vehicles and/or equipment requiring issuance/transfer or a "title" or "certificate of origin" (trailers, 4-wheelers, etc.)
  5. All Purchasing Card transactions for non-restricted (acceptable) commodities cannot exceed $4,999.00 per transaction including all delivery, shipping and/or handling charges.
  6. Purchases must be for the use and benefit of the University. No personal purchases are allowed.
  7. It is the cardholder's responsibility to maintain the documentation for all transactions in accordance with the University's Record Management Policy as stated in the Proof of Purchase Documentation.
  8. It is the cardholder's responsibility to report the loss of any card immediately to the issuing bank (U.S. Bank, NA 1-800-344-5696) and the Purchasing Card Program Administrator (UNO Purchasing 402-554-2386).
  9. It is the cardholder's responsibility as an agent of the University to ensure the proper use of the University's Sales Tax Exempt Number.
  10. The cardholder and the department reconciler are responsible for ensuring that the proper University Cost Objects and GL Accounts are charged for the purchase.
  11. It is the cardholder's responsibility to attempt to resolve a dispute with the vendor within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a disputed purchase. If resolution is not possible, the cardholder must report the problem to the UNO Purchasing Card Program Administrator, who will report the dispute to U.S. Bank, NA.
  12. Violating any of these policies will result in the immediate termination of the privilege to use the Purchasing Card.
  13. Fraudulent use of the Purchasing Card will result in corrective action in accordance with the policies of the Human Resources department.