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Purchasing Policy & Procedures

Bid Requirements

Except as otherwise provided in the Purchasing Policy, most purchases committing the University to an expenditure of $150,000 or more require competitive bids. Where competitive bids are called for, a minimum of fifteen (15) days shall elapse between the time bids are advertised or sent and the time of their due date.

In the event that the commitment exceeds $250,000 a written report is sent to the Regents. Commitments greater than $400,000 must be approved by the Regents prior to the issuance of a purchase order. Exceptions to this would be sole source purchases which must be justified in writing and have approval of the Chief Business Officer or designee.

Purchases under $150,000 are also processed on a competitive basis, although in an informal manner - by verbal or written requests for quotations. Purchasing can review your request and proceed in several ways. We can request quotations from the vendor via Purchasing, or in the case of technical requests, we may authorize the requesting department to develop specifications for quotations and obtain them.

It is recommended that you obtain a minimum of three quotations for purchases over $5,000. Verbal quotations are acceptable for small purchases, i.e., purchases under $5,000. The low verbal quotation should be confirmed by submitting a written quotation. All purchases should be preceded by a purchase order number.

UNO has a Purchasing Card program. This tax exempt card program can be used for small dollar (<$4,999) purchases of commodities from vendors/suppliers.