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Ph.D. in Public Administration
Ph.D. in Public Administration

frequently asked questions.

Question: Which pre-requisites do I need before applying to the doctoral program?

Answer: Depending on your previous academic course work, you may be required to take up to four MPA pre-requisites (Introduction to Public Administration, the Public Economy, Organization Theory and Behavior and Research Methods for Public Administration.) The chair of the Doctoral Program Committee will make that determination if you are admitted to the doctoral program. We do not advise your taking these courses prior to admission to the doctoral program for two reasons: 1) seats in these courses are reserved for degree students and it is unlikely that you would find space as a non-degree graduate student and 2) it is advisable to wait until you hear if you have been admitted before investing time, effort and expense to take these courses.

Question: Do you offer the program on-line and/or for distance students?

Answer: The School offers only the MPA on-line.

Question: What kind of Grade Point Average is needed to enter the doctoral program? What kind of Graduate Record Examination score?

Answer: The Doctoral Program Committee reviews the entire application portfolio. They look for a "fit" between the applicant's career objectives and research interests and the emphasis of our doctoral program on preparing (primarily full-time) students for academic careers in public administration, as well as the five focus areas described on the doctoral web page. Having said that, the Committee looks for an outstanding academic record and scores demonstrating proficiency in verbal and math skills sufficient to succeed at the doctoral level. A minimum Graduate Record Exam combined verbal and quantitative score of 300 is required; however, each score should stand on its own as an indicator of your ability to perform.

Question: Is the Graduate Record Exam always required, even of applicants who have been out of school for a while and have extensive professional work experience?

Answer: We have found that the minimum scores set by our program are very good predictors of success or failure. The GRE is required for all applicants. We have never granted a waiver of this requirement, and will not do so in the future.