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Neuroscience & Behavior Graduate Students


Ryan Placzek

Hello, I'm Ryan Placzek. I went to UNO and majored in Psychology. I'm interested in research on testosterone and how its fluctuations lead to fluctuations in behaviors. Specifically, I'm interested in assessing people's willingness to compete after winning or losing a competition and how testosterone level changes might be influencing those decisions. I also enjoy sports and space.

Aaryn Mustoe

As an undergraduate, I majored in Psychology and Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I chose UNO for graduate school for the opportunity to work with the marmosets and blend my interests in psychology and biology. My current research interests focus on describing the biological underpinnings of social and parental behavior; hormonal and social contexts for cooperative behavior and altruism; and hormonal and social regulation of stress, reproduction, and development across the lifespan. Things I enjoy doing are hiking in the mountains out West, homebrewing, pick-up basketball at HPER, and hanging out with my exuberant cat named after David Ruffin, the lead-singer of one of my favorite groups, The Temptations. My wife and I also emphatically cheer for the Green Bay Packers.

Andrew Riquier

I am originally from Connecticut. I completed my undergraduate at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I majored in Psychology. I minored in music and religious studies. I came to UNO because I liked the program, the faculty, and because people in Nebraska are friendly :-) I am interested in many things. I enjoy reading, jazz music, video games and sports.

Alicia Phillips Buttner

I completed my undergraduate in Psychology here at UNO. I decided to do my graduate studies at UNO as well because I share many of the same research interests as Dr. Rosemary Strasser. I am interested in combining the physiological and psychological aspects of animal cognition, human-animal interactions, and animal welfare. Specifically, I study how dogs understand human social cues and how human behavior can influence cortisol levels in dogs. Outside of school, I foster rescue dogs and enjoy spending time with my family and traveling with my husband.

Jacquelyn Davis

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls in 2010 with a degree in Psychology. I did my thesis work on the effects of capsaicin on the gustatory system and am interested in neural damage and regeneration across development. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my daughter and our two cats, Fatty and Squish.

Louis Martin

I majored in psychology and philosophy at the University of Mississippi. While I am interested in understanding behavior and cognition, I am also a hardcore reductionist - which has led me to neuroscience.  I came to UNO because the Sollars lab seemed like a good fit given my interests. My research involves damaging the rat's taste system at an early age, and determining how the system changes functionally to this damage; by doing this, I hope to gain a better understanding of how the system functions and develops normally.  I am also very interested in how the brain extracts meaningful information (e.g. taste discriminations/perceptions) from neuronal activity. My hobbies include cooking, rock climbing, philosophical contemplation/discussion.


Jon-Ryan Cavanaugh

I received a B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Biology from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. I came to UNO to work at the Callitrichid Research Center. If you are interested in volunteering and/or getting involved in research please contact me at . I am generally interested in studying the neurobiology of social behavior. In particular, I am examining the hormonal correlates of pairbonding, parental care, and cooperation. My hobbies include rock climbing, hiking/camping, skiing, basketball; really any and all athletic activities.

Jack Taylor

I received my BA in Psychology from Westminster College. I came to UNO to do research with primates, humans, and hormones. My research interests are related to hormones and stress, and my favorite food is a Primanti's Sandwich.

Michelle Huffman

I received a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Metropolitan State University of Denver and an MA in Forensic Psychology from Marymount University. I came here because UNO offered the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research My research interests include behavioral endocrinology topics/issues related to psychology and law.


Beth Graham

I got my undergrad degree from Creighton, majoring in Chemistry and Psychology. I came to UNO because I love neuroscience. My research interests include neuroimaging neurodevelopmental, and neurodegenerative disorders in humans. I like going out and doing new things, especially outside.