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Neuroscience & Behavior Faculty

Primary Faculty


Jeffrey French , Ph.D., University of Wisconsin


Phone: (402) 554-2558

Research Interests: Social neuroendocrinology. For more information, visit the Callitrichid Research Center and Endocrine Bioservices Laboratory .


Suzanne Sollars , Ph.D., University of Washington


Phone: (402) 554-3981

Research Interests: Sensory neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. Development and neurobiological malleability of the taste system.


Rosemary Strasser , Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

(Director, Neuroscience & Behavior Graduate Programs)


Phone: (402) 554-2705

Research Interests: Behavioral neuroendocrinology; comparative cognition, animal behavior & learning.


Ryan Wong, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin


Phone: (402) 554-4473

Research Interests: Behavioral neurogenomics and neuroendocrinology, neuroethology, behavioral ecology



Adjunct Faculty


University of Nebraska Medical Center

Faculty associated with the Neuroscience & Behavior Program have extensive collaborative interactions with faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Neuroscience & Behavior students have access to the libraries and other resources of the Medical Center as well as excellent opportunities to take courses and work in laboratories at the Medical Center. Faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are available to students as advisors. Faculty who hold courtesy appointments in the Psychology Department are:

Regina Harbourne, PhD, University of Nebraska Lincoln

E-mail :

Phone : 402-559-5067

Research Interests: sitting postural control in typical infants and infants with cerebral palsy, nonlinear analysis, interaction of developing motor control and cognition/ perception, motor learning (see )


Shelton Hendricks , Ph.D., Tulane University


Phone: (402) 554-2338

Research Interests: Human psychophysiology and pharmacology. Neural mediation of copulatory behavior, and sexual differentiation in rats.


Max Kurz, PhD, University of Nebraska Lincoln

E-mail :

Phone : 402-559-9599

Research Interests: Gait and Balance of Children with Cerebral Palsy (see )


Wayne Stuberg, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha

E-mail :

Phone : 402- 559-5720

Research Interests: see


Tony Wilson, Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

E-mail :

Phone : 402- 552-6431

Research Interests: The application of neurophysiological imaging methods for understanding the basic pathophysiology of disease and for quantifying neuronal changes that accompany pharmacotherapies and/or behavioral interventions directed at these diseases (see )