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M.S. Degree Recipients

Diego Valadares-Kientz, MS, 2013
Consulting Associate – Human Capital
Silverstone Group

Kelly Grant, MS, 2013
Measurement Specialist

Aaron Brown, MS, 2013
Project Coordinator / Research Analyst
Quantum Workplace

Kim Bristow, MS, 2013
Consulting Associate
The Creelgroup

Sarah Sinnett, MS, 2012
Human Resources Analyst
ConAgra Foods

Natalie Simmonds, MS, 2012
Metrics Coordinator
Business Ethics Alliance of Omaha

Carissa Orth, MS, 2012
Organizational Development Consultant
State of South Dakota

Ryan Cillessen, MS, 2012
Assistant Customer Service Manager
Bank of the West

Andre Hennig, MS, 2012
Operations Research Analyst
United States Strategic Command

Katie Gerson, MS, 2011
HR Workforce Measurement Consultant

Joy Dobrauc, MS, 2011
Disability Management Specialist
Alegent Health

Kate Williams, MS, 2010

Greg Schreiber, MS, 2010
Law Student
Creighton University

Melissa Gwartney, MS, 2010
Woodhouse Auto Family

Chris Fitch, MS, 2010

Kiley Cordes, MS, 2010
Project Manager
Professional Research Consultants

Taleen Brady, MS, 2010
Foreign English Teacher
Danyang High School

Kelly Strom, MS, 2009
KAJE Properties, LLC

Carolee McClure, MS, 2009
HR Manager
Optronics International LLC

Christopher Gibson, MS, 2009
Evaluation Specialist
Omaha Public Schools

Jackie Covey, MS, 2009
Contractor, Integrated Talent Management
ConAgra Foods

Elizabeth Dillon, MS, 2008
Sr. IT Recruiter
Bass & Associates

Anatoliy Gins, MS, 2007
Sr. Research Analyst

Shawna Simcik (Williams), MS, 2007
President, Business Leadership
Innovative Career Consulting, Inc. / OI Partners

Paige Yost, MS, 2007
Survey Consultant
Kenexa, an IBM Company

Keri Middleton (Schweigel), MS, 2007
Director of Human Resources
Dixie Chemical Co.

Katie Brooks, MS, 2006
Human Resources Consultant
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Brent Proulx, MS, 2006
Talent Plus, Inc.

Stephanie Danti, MS, 2006
The Creelgroup

Anthony Gage, MS, 2005
Senior Education Research Analyst
College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Justin Wolfe, MS, 2005
Research and Development Specialist
IQ Innovations, LLC

Dr. Ronda Smith, MS, 2005 (PhD, University of Nebraska -- Lincoln, 2011)
Member, Principal
Yonder Enterprises, LLC

Tom Nimps, MS, 2005
Manager of Training and Organization Development and Talent Acquisition
Oriental Trading Company

Amanda Lofgreen, MS, 2005
Sr. Evaluation Manager
Creighton University School of Medicine

Scott Schaefer, MS, 2005
Director, Human Capital Strategy
Sanford Health

Kyley Moody, MS, 2004
Senior Recruiter

Kristin Macdonald (Cordes), MS, 2004
MacDonald House, Inc.

Lisa Wager, MS, 2004
Assessment Research Consultant

Chad Arsenault, MS, 2003
Communications Manager

Vickie Seitner, MS, 2003
Career Edge One on One Coaching & Consulting

William Daniel Meinen, MS, 2003
Strategic Data Acquisition and Utilization
Meinen Consulting

Renae Slaughter, MS, 2003
Manager, Consulting Services
Assess Systems

Josh Weible, MS, 2002
Project Manager – Decision Support
Union Pacific Railroad

Kristine Reed, MS, 2002
Compensation and Rewards Manager
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

DeAnna Selva, MS, 2001
Deputy Program Manager
Carley Corporation

Ariel McBryde-Gritter, MS, 2001
Project Manager: HR
Wells Fargo

Teri D’Agostino, MS, 2000
TSD Consulting

Kristy Hall (Sturgill), MS, 1999
Compensation Analyst
Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc

Mamiko Fujita, MS, 1999
Assistant Vice President

Teresa Eske, MS, 1999
Evaluation Specialist, Curriculum and Learning
Omaha Public Schools

Dee Drozd (Wallawey), MS, 1999
Organizational Change Manager/ Business Systems Consultant
Mutual of Omaha

Stacey Rolston, MS, 1999
State of Wisconsin, Dept of Corrections

Jon Rickers, MS, 1998
Vice President, Human Resources
Stemco LP

Pete Thompson, MS, 1998
Chief Operating Officer
StrategicHealthSolutions, LLC

Heather Burns (O’Dea), MS, 1997
Human Resources Director
NorthWestern Energy

Kristy Christensen (Loftus), MS, 1997
Senior Consultant
The CreelGroup

Tony Allen, MS, 1996
Global Lead for Solutioning and Mobilization & COE Lead for North America

Dwayne Burgess, MS, 1996
Independent Consultant

Paula Burton (Neuharth), MS, 1996
Vice President of Employee Relations

Joe Creel, MS, 1995
The Creelgroup, Inc.

Kevin Reindl, MS, 1994
Senior Test Validation Analyst
Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Kirk Hulett, MS, 1994
Executive VP/ Strategy & Practice Management
Securities America, Inc.

Dean Bolte, MS, 1993
Managing Director
Americas at Omnifore

Cindi Hall-Ferro, MS, 1993
HR Director
Fuchs Lubricants Co.

Paul Pietig, MS, 1993
Program Manager

Brian Crowley, MS, 1991
Director, Human Resources & Administration
Aerospace Industries Association

Sally Hrdy, MS, 1990
Associate Director of Informatics

Eva Dubinki, MS, 1989
Consultant, Disability Claims and Accommodation Services
University of Toronto

Paul Knutson, MS, 1981
Vice President of Human Resources
Otter Tail Corporation

Julie Griffin, MS, 1981
Vice President, Compensation
ConAgra Foods

Michelle Harrison Yells, MS,
Director of Counseling
Novations Group, Inc.

M.A. Degree Recipients

Scott SchmidtBonne, MA, 2012
Evaluation Specialist
Omaha Public Schools

Tasha Jarrett, MA, 2009
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Rebecca Shively, MA, 2009
Adjunct Instructor
College of St. Mary

Kristin Saathoff, MA, 2009
Senior Educator Effectiveness Analyst
Denver Public Schools

Theresa Sappenfield, MA, 2009
Team Coordinator
Iowa Department of Public Health

Erin Gallagher, MA, 2009
University of Queensland

Andy Callens, MA, 2009
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dr. Allen Gorman, MA, 2004 (Ph.D., University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2008)
Professor and Management Consultant
East Tennessee State University

Jason Lebsack, MA, 2001
Director, Continuous Quality Improvement
The Nebraska Medical Center

Jonathan Chow, MA, 1999
Assessment and Evaluation Consultant
Chase Manhattan Bank

Judy Wightman (Condon), MA, 1999
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Kirkwood Community College

Eric Rowlee, MA, 1999
Director, Organizational Design & Change Management

Jon Shanahan, MA, 1994
Human Performance Engineer
Aptima, Inc.

Laura Hopkins, MA, 1993
Director, Workforce Strategy, Analysis and Acquisition
Lockheed Martin

Sharlyn Jordan (Whigham), MA, 1991
VP Client Experience
Truven Health Analytics

Clifford Boevers, MA, 1978
Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney
Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Joan Hodapp (Bott), MA, 1974
Educational Consultant

Dr. Michael Baum, MA (PhD from U of Maryland, 1971)
Director of Clinical Services

Dr. Gary Greguras, MA (PhD Bowling Green U)
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Singapore Management University

Beth Haley, MA
Organizational Development Analyst
West Notifications, Inc.

Ph.D. Degree Recipients

Dr. Joel Butler, PhD, 2013
Optimization Consultant

Dr. Sara Roberts, PhD, 2012
Manager, Advanced Analytics
ConAgra Foods

Dr. Erika Morral (Robinson), PhD, 2012
American Institutes for Research

Dr. Danielle Crough (Seymour), PhD, 2012
Human Capital Consultant
SilverStone Group

Dr. Joseph James, PhD, 2010
Associate Well-Being Analyst

Dr. Marcy Illies, PhD, 2010
Adjunct Faculty
St. Cloud State University

Dr. Troy Romero, PhD, 2009
Associate Professor and Management Consultant
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dr. Gregory Ashley, PhD, 2009
Bellevue University College of Business

Dr. Anne Herman, PhD, 2008
Senior Consultant and Director
Kenexa, an IBM Company

Dr. Lindsay Bousman, PhD, 2008
Paris Phoenix Group

Dr. Andrew Lee Noon, PhD, 2006
Director, Talent Management
Valmont Industries

Dr. Tara Myers (Rohde), PhD, 2006
Senior Researcher
American Institutes for Research

Dr. Michael Hepperlen, PhD, 2002
Senior Consultant
MDA Leadership Consulting

Dr. Megan Paul, PhD, 2002
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Children, Family, and the Law
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Dr. Tony Susa, PhD, 2002
Organizational Consultant

Dr. Jody Illies, PhD, 2001
Associate Professor of Psychology
St. Cloud State University

Dr. Lisa Kobe-Cross, PhD, 2001
Senior Manager
Oracle Applications and Cloud Services

Dr. Erick Hill, PhD, 2000
Alegent Health Life Coaching Center

Dr. Jason Weiss, PhD, 2000

Dr. Deb DeLong (Goodman), PhD, 1999
Asst Professor of Marketing
Chatham University

Dr. John Hollwitz, PhD, 1998
Chairperson of the Management Systems Department
Fordham University

Dr. John Johanson, PhD, 1998
Professor of Psychology
Winona State University

Dr. Gini Collins, PhD, 1997
Silverstone Consulting

Dr. Cheryl Hendrickson (Caster), PhD, 1996
Principal Research Scientist
American Institutes for Research, Washington Office

Dr. Adam Butler, PhD, 1995
University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Richard J. Delacastro, PhD, 1994
Senior Consultant
HR Ventures

Dr. Margaret Durr, PhD, 1993
Manager, Leadership Development
JB Hunt

Dr. Chuchai Smithikrai, PhD, 1993
Psychology Professor
Chiang Mai University

Dr. Kenyon Jordan, PhD, 1993
Consulting Psychologist
Colorado Assessment

Dr. Tom Rauzi, PhD, 1993
Director, Global Talent Management
Dell, Inc

Dr. Jeffrey Klawsky, PhD, 1990
Klawsky Consulting, Inc.

Dr. John Curtis, PhD, 1988
Vice President
APTMetrics Inc.

Dr. Daniel Whitenack, PhD, 1988
Consulting Psychology Group

Dr. Pamela Waits, PhD, 1987
Human Resource and I/O Psychology Consultant
JuvodHR, Inc.

Dr. Joseph Gier, PhD, 1986
Vice President, Consulting Services
EASI Consult

Dr. Calvin Hoffman, PhD, 1984
Test Development Manager
LA County Sheriff

Dr. Jack Leon, PhD, 1984
Corporate Development Officer
Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Andrew W. Cella, PhD, 1984
Senior Manager, HR Research
Stop and Shop Supermarkets